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14 Problems That Only a True Gamer Will Understand

For us gaming folks, life can sometimes get a lil’ tricky. We’ve all experienced those controller/keyboard shattering moments, that make us wonder why we even bothered with gaming in the first place, and these are 14 of some of our favourites… or least favourite gamer problems that only a true gamer will understand.

1. Difficult missions 😡

You’re playing through a tough game and you’re getting killed by enemies repeatedly, even though it makes you want to throw your monitor out of the window…don’t. Take a break from playing, take a deep breath and go back to it later. Who knows? Maybe you might complete it after a break when you have more energy!

2. Corrupt save files 😩

There are few things more annoying than after literally MONTHS and MONTHS of failure, blood, sweat and tears you FINALLY complete the previously mentioned, tough game to find out your save is corrupted, wassup wid dat?

3. Non-gamers saying to gamers “gaming is a waste of time” 😑

Well, you know what, it’s fun, it’s a hobby and actually… for whatever reason you play, gamers should be allowed to do whatever they want, as long as they play nice. Gaming is entertaining and a huge stress reliever for many people, so get out of our grill.

4. When you get disturbed while playing 🚫

This happens to everyone – you’re happily playing an online match trying to get as many points or kills to get into first place, until SUDDENLY… you get asked to go shopping, have dinner, tidy your room… this can be ever so slightly annoying.

5. When you get banned because a player gives you hacked money 💰💰

Exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin. You’re just casually playing, then your account gets hacked with hacked money. WOW, you’re rich and now you’re banned. This is an actual thing that has happened to a lot of people.

6. When your insane kill streak is tragically ended by getting killed by an experienced player that only just joined the game! 😎

It’s super annoying when you’re doing so well in an online match when a professional [email protected]%&£ (player) swoops in and kills you, clearing ALL of your points.

7. When the game crashes 😤

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN SO OFTEN? It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re enjoying your game… then it randomly decides to crash, and it always just happens to be right after finishing a near impossible task.

8. Bad optimisation by the game developers

It’s sucks when you really enjoy a game, but the performance is laggy with low frame rate, even though your computer is perfectly capable of running it without problems, thank you very much.

9. When a game gets abandoned by developers ⏰

This is a PSA to all game developers: If you do not plan on updating your games,  you better make them good cos I ain’t no hollaback girl. But seriously, you can start to get bored with the same content and you hear about promised updates…which never happen, even though you WAITED and WAITED so VERY patiently. Same rules apply for a rumoured game that gets abandoned before you’ve had a chance to play the beta.

10. When online servers go offline 🕖😠

We’ve all been there – you’re in the middle of a session and you get the message ‘Lost connection, leaving lobby’. Your heart sinks as you realise impending doom is upon you. You’re absolutely FINE as you realise that your three and a half hours of grinding have completely gone to waste…

11. When you buy an overpriced game that isn’t that good! 👎

Firstly, in our correct opinion, most games are overpriced however, it’s always a disappointment when you really like the look of a game, so you buy it and play it when *meh* it’s just not your cup of tea.

12. When players ask you to buy them a game repeatedly because they can’t afford it 💵💵

I mean, you feel for them but…when is this ever not annoying? Or to put it politely… LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU CAN’T HAVE MAH MONEY, THIS IS MAH MONEY GO AWAY!!

13. When other players use their microphone in games… 🎤

So they do have the right to say whatever they wish, BUT must they be so irritating? Some people literally only use their microphones for completely unnecessary sounds or just to be super annoying. They may have just forgotten, but yeah…still annoying. Sometimes you just want to game in peace.

Ultimate gamer problem #14. When one of your favourite nostalgic game discs is scratched 💿

A little nostalgia kick is cool, right? So at some point, we all want to replay our favourite childhood game(s). After HOURS of searching for that game, you finally come across it under a pile of socks and discarded receipts full of dust to find it has has a LOT of scratches that make it completely unplayable… gutted.

Thank you very much for reading, and always stay calm while gaming! If you can relate to any of these or have any more please feel free to let us know in Community or here for other gaming articles like this one. Have a great day! 😉


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