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6 Last Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day on a Budget

Whether it’s your Mum, your Nan, Sister, Dad, Auntie, Step Mum, Foster Mum, two Mums, two Dads – Mother’s Day is about celebrating the people in your life who take care of you, no matter who they are. When you are on a budget though, getting ideas to spoil someone is never easy. That’s why we have put together this super quick list of tips and tricks to giving someone the best Mother’s Day, whoever they are to you. 

1) Make the presents

Make like your six-year-old self and get creative with it! It doesn’t matter how old you are – making a homemade gift always shows someone you care enough to put in the hours to make them something special. Whether your skills lie in crafting, drawing, painting, music, pottery, gardening, photography or anything else – there is a way to use what you are good at to create a beautiful gift on a budget. 

Not got much in the way of creative talent? Get out the glitter and card and try it anyway! It’ll definitely bring a smile to their face to see your efforts – no matter what the end result turns out to be! 


2) Cook/bake them something special  

Bring out your inner Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver by getting in the kitchen and whipping up some culinary delights for the person you love this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a delicious dinner, or some simple cupcakes – they will no doubt appreciate being spoilt rotten!

If you are not the best person to be trusted alone around the oven (some of us can manage to burn literally anything) get a mate or another family member involved to supervise. You don’t want to be giving someone a Mother’s Day gift of needing to rebuild the kitchen. 


3) Make movie magic 

Turn your living room or bedroom into a cinema for the evening! Hit the supermarket for some budget snacks, queue up that film on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch for aaages, get out the extra cushions and blankets and bring the movie night to you.

So much cheaper than actually going to the cinema, this is a great way to spend some quality time with someone and still potentially come in at under a fiver. Just add a homemade card and PJs and you will be winning the Academy Award for Best Night In Ever. 


4) Set up a spa at home

Everyone needs to relax from time to time and chances are, the person you are celebrating Mother’s Day with hasn’t had too much of a chance to pamper themselves lately. So do your best impression of Jonathan Van Ness and give them a Queer Eye style self-care station at home! Raid the kitchen for homemade face masks and hair masks (recipes readily available on the internet) and run them a gorgeous bath complete with candles.

Or, if pampering like this isn’t really their thing, why not give the house a clean and set up the living room so they can watch their favourite sport or film complete with a pot of tea and slippers? Everyone deserves a bit of a chance to rest and relax, no matter who they are! 


5) Go for a walk 

No matter who it is that you are celebrating with this Mother’s Day, they will no doubt love to spend some quality time with you. If the sun is shining, leave your phone behind and head out for a long walk together somewhere in the fresh air. Use the time to have a proper catch up, a giggle and basically just be present with them. So often these days it’s easy to get caught up in social media, work, school and friends and forget to spend times like these with those closest to us, so it is a guaranteed winner and doesn’t have to cost a penny! 

If you are feeling a like this isn’t enough, why not walk to their favourite coffee shop and treat them to a coffee and cake? It might not sound like much but will definitely earn you brownie points. 


6) Relive your childhood

Have a rummage through some childhood snaps of yourself and pick one you think you can recreate. Then, get dressed up in a similar outfit, grab a camera or your phone (and possibly a buddy if you need a photographer) and remake the photo. Then, all you need to do is mount the two side by side in a photo frame. This one covers all bases – it’s cheap, adorable, hilarious, unique and most likely a tear jerker!


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