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17 Things You Can Do For National Random Acts of Kindness Day

17 Things You Can Do For National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day! While we hope that you practise kindness 365 days a year, sometimes it is good to have a little reminder and push in the right direction – so use this day to do just that!

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be kind and spread positivity but if you are stuck for ideas, below we have listed 17 easy ways you can brighten up someone’s day!

1. Compliment someone. 
Give someone a confidence boost, you might make their whole day!

2. Hold a door open for someone.
But maybe with more enthusiasm than this GIF displays.

3. Let someone in front of you in a queue.
No matter how badly you need that mid-morning coffee.

4. Volunteer your time to a good cause.
Even if you only have one hour a week going spare – your help can make all the difference.

5. Make someone a cuppa!
Because the best things in life are free TEA!

6. Call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while to see how they are doing.
Our busy lives mean that sometimes weeks, even months can pass before we realise we haven’t spoken to certain friends or family members for way too long. Give gramps a call. Go on.

 7. Pick up litter in the street and throw it in the bin.
It might not be your mess, but it’s definitely your world so help keep it clean.

8. Smile at people.
It’s contagious – but in a good way.

9. Leave positive post-it notes for people to find.
Because nothing says it better than a sticky note.

10. Leave a small amount of change in a vending machine.
Just imagine the difference a free choccy bar could make to your day…

11. Buy a piece of Ditch the Label merchandise and help support young people through bullying.
Head to if you wanna look AND feel awesome.

12. Leave a nice comment on a friends profile picture.
Basically, point number one but for the virtual world.

13. Forgive someone.
Forgiving: It’s easier said than done, right? When someone hurts or betrays you, it is natural to feel upset, or angry and it is incredibly hard to let go of such painful feelings – especially if you feel that someone has broken your trust. But honestly, holding a grudge does nothing to change or improve the situation and carrying around feelings of anger or resentment, will only cause harm to your own mental well-being in the long run. So be kind to yourself and someone else – let it go!

14. Speak to someone you think might be lonely.
The internet has made connecting and communication with others easier, and more accessible than ever before. You would think it impossible to feel lonely in this day and age, considering the amount of time we dedicate to interacting with other people on social media. But it seems this replacement of physical contact with virtual contact is leaving us feeling isolated; we are suffering a loneliness epidemic, and it is an increasing problem in modern life.

15. Genuinely thank someone for something they might have done to help you.
Because a heartfelt thanks means so much and requires so little.

16. Offer to carry someone’s bag.
If they look like they are struggling, channel your inner Hulk and help them out!

17. Offer up your seat on public transport.
Multitask and simultaneously work those leg muscles whilst being kind!


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