Are You Passionate About Supporting Young People?
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Fundraising
For Ditch the Label

Why Fundraise For Ditch the Label?

It is estimated that every minute, 4 young people benefit from Ditch the Label’s support. We’re here as an essential lifeline to young people; helping them overcome the issues affecting them the most. Whether it’s mental health, bullying, body image or identity – we’re there. As an independent charity, we couldn’t do what we do without the foundations of our generous supporters and funders, so thank you for choosing Ditch the Label as the charity you’d like to support.

“The support Ditch the Label has given to me has honestly been a beam of light that I needed whilst a thousand hands pulled me down into the darkness. Thank you.” – Jess, aged 13

£25 could fund 1-2-1 support to help 8 young people overcome issues such as bullying, low self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

£50 could give up to 15,000 young people access to our free resources and guides each month.

If you wish to donate, you can do so on our donation page.

What kind of skills are you looking for?

Firstly, thank you for considering Ditch the Label as a charity you’d like to support!

If you are looking to donate skills instead of money, as a general rule of thumb, we are looking for people who have skills that enable them to work remotely and are in line with our core areas of work. Examples include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Design
  • Writing
  • Coding and development
  • Strategy
  • Clinical support
  • Fundraising
  • Photography and videography
  • White hat security

There are areas of our organisation that are always in need of some additional support; examples include our creative campaigns, social media and fundraising. We assess each application individually.

What happens once I've submitted a pledge?

You’ll firstly receive a confirmation email to let you know that your pledge arrived safe and well.  With your permission, we’ll keep your information on file and map out your skills against our current and ongoing needs. We’ll then contact you when a suitable opportunity arrises.

We cannot guarantee that a suitable opportunity will crop up so if you don’t hear from us for a while, please don’t be disheartened.

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Firstly, thanks for being such a rockstar!

We are incredibly grateful for all pledges of support. Please tell us more by using the form below.

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